EBAC Auxiliary

The EBAC Auxiliary began in 1999 as the CAP Auxiliary, supporting child assault prevention programs in our schools. This dynamic group of community leaders now actively raises funds and awareness and volunteers for all EBAC's programs and services, most notably through their annual Ball. www.ebac.org/ball.

For additional information about the EBAC Auxiliary including membership opportunities, please contact Julie West, Jwest@ebac.org or 510-844-6708



President: Monica Marcone
Vice President: Jan Busch
Membership: Sandi Hutchinson and Monica Marcone
Treasurer: Lin Cheyer
Secretary: Open
Masquerade Ball Chair: Sharon O’Neil
Media Chair; Scott Matula-Beltch
Direct Volunteering: Jamie Miller and Natalie Henrich
Special Committee: Empowerment Initiative: Flori McCaffery



Becky Andersen
Erica Bachman
Brooke Berg
Nancy Beninati
Jennifer Brandenburg
Jill Broadhurst
Reagan Brooks-Jimenez
Jan Busch
Lisa Cartolano
Leann Crowley
Lin Cheyer
Simonne Dansereau
Debbi DiMaggio
Debra Dryden
Claire Faughnan
Katy Ford
Diane Goetz
Beth Gousman
Natalie Henrich
Sarah Holliman
Sandi Hutchinson
Stacie Jessee
Nadine Kalmes
Joanne Karchmer
Leila KasroviClaire Kostic
Candes Lecocq
Monica Marcone
Christine Mattsson
Scott Matula-Beltch
Flori McCaffery
Jamie Miller
Jackie Noyes
Vicky O'Bresly
Sharon O’Neil
Sherry Paterra
Sarah Ramsey
Jackie Ray
Karma Roberts
Marilyn Sandifur
Pouneh Trockle

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